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Boozy Milkshake



Airtender Boozy Milkshake


Airiness obviously is of great importance for a good shake, but for this recipe it's crucial. The Airtender shows its value and speed in the preparation as well as finishing touch of this sumptuous cocktail. 

Airtender Boozy Milkshake

The power of vacuum is used to infuse rum with pineapple and spices. The Precision Aerator provides next-level fluffiness. Just follow these simple instructions:


For the infused rum (based on 750 ml, scale down for less)

  • 750 ml White rum
  • 1 Fresh pineapple, cut into medum sized chunks
  • 2 Pods cardamom, squeezed slightly open
  • 2.5 gr Ginger powder

For the cocktail

  • 30 ml Infused white rum (as instructed below)
  • 20 ml Cream, unsweetened and unwhipped
  • 100 ml Plain ice cream
  • 1 Ripe banana
  • 1 Slice of banana, chilipowder & orange zest as a garnish


The vacuum-infused rum

Combine the rum, pineapple, cardemom and ginger powder into a glass jar. Prepare the lid for a Nanostopper if you haven't already done so. Close the lid tightly and place the Nanostopper in the lid. Set the Airtender to V mode, setting 5. Activate and extract air out of the jar until the Airtender automatically stops. Leave to infuse for at least 15 minutes.

Feel free to experiment with the ratio of fruit to rum, as well as well as the amount of spices. However, alwas use a minimum of 200 ml of rum. Less fruit & spices with increase infusion time give a little more flavor control. Taste every 15 minutes to check intensity.

The Boozy Milkshake

Combine the ingredients for the cocktail (except for the chili powder and orange zest) into a blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into a chilled glass

Connect the Precision Aerator to the Airtender. Select A mode, setting 5 and activate. With the Precision Aerator control valve closed, slowly stir the cocktail for 20 seconds to achieve maximum airiness.

Garnish with a slice of banana, some chili powder and orange zest.


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