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Wine Aerator
Aerate wine by the glass

The Wine Aerator from Airtender uses micro oxygen infusion creating millions of air bubbles to unlock the flavour of wine in seconds. Quickly enhance the flavor of your wine in a way you've never experienced before with sufficient control over the oxidation process. Aerate only the wine you drink. 

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Blows away the competition!

Conventional techniques such as decanting or pour-through aerators are time-consuming and not very effective. They also do not provide sufficient control over the oxidation process. With micro oxygen, the Wine Aerator unlocks the taste of wine in seconds.

BONUS: Use the Aerator to mix drinks and froth cocktails in just seconds - without a shaker!

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Why choose the Wine Aerator

With the Wine Aerator you will discover a world of taste and convenience when it comes to enjoying wine. Create maximum flavour by aerating wine to release its complex aromas.


For wine and cocktails

Add oxygen to your wine or mix drinks and foam cocktails in seconds!


Pump to taste

Pump 2 to 3 times or more depending on the wine and the taste you prefer. Experiment with taste!


Perfect foams

Create perfect density foam for garnishing dishes in just seconds.


Dishwasher safe

The 100% stainless steel tube is dishwasher safe.

Here's how it works!




Pour out a glass of wine and insert the Wine Aerator.

Pump 2 or 3 times or more when you want to wine to open up even more.

Serve the wine and clean the stainless steel tube for the next glass of wine.

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 How we

      Care for
  people & planet

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FROM holland

Minimum Waste isn't only about the prevention of food waste, but relates to everything we do. That's why we make, assemble and package our products as sustainably as possible, close to home in The Netherlands.

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With care for people...

The assembly and packaging of our products happens in social workshops. This way, we give disabled people a chance to grow personally while contributing to sustainability and the economy.

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...And planet

Airtender products aren't only made with advanced CO₂-friendly processes. Recycled and sustainable materials for both products and packaging also ensure the lowest possible impact on the planet.