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Wine Aerator Pro
Aerate your bottle in 60 seconds

Quickly enhance the taste of wine from within and aerate only the wine you drink. The Wine Aerator Pro is the first aerator that blends two aeration techniques to enhance both flavour and aroma directly within the bottle.

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Discover wine the way it is intended!

Aerated wine opens up complex aromas that make wine more accessible and allow you to enjoy wine as it was intended. The Wine Aerator Pro is the only wine aerator that combines two aeration techniques to achieve maximum flavour and aroma directly in the bottle. The only thing more impressive than the visual spectacle is the intense taste of the aromas it releases.

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Why choose the Wine Aerator Pro

The Wine Aerator Pro from Airtender is a true one of a kind product. It looks impressive and makes every bottle of wine taste impressive. Create maximum taste in less than 60 seconds.


Two aeration techniques

In less than 60 seconds the Wine Aerator Pro almost instantly achieves maximum taste directly in the bottle.


Micro oxygen infusion

A highly effective process in which millions of microscopic air bubbles are instantly absorbed by the wine.


Great show element for your guests

The loop collects the wine from the bottle and let it return in a process called Vortex Aeration. It sounds and looks as great as it tastes. 


No wine carafe needed

Forget about difficult to clean Wine Carafes that take up much space. Aerate in the bottle and save your wine afterwards.

Here's how it works!




Open your bottle of wine and place the "Loop" on top and the Wine Aerator.

Pump until wine reaches the "Loop" and extract the Wine Aerator from your bottle of wine.

Watch the spectacle as the Vortex Aeration does it magic. Pour out a glass of wine and enjoy wine the way it is intended.

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 How we

      Care for
  people & planet

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FROM holland

Minimum Waste isn't only about the prevention of food waste, but relates to everything we do. That's why we make, assemble and package our products as sustainably as possible, close to home in The Netherlands.

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With care for people...

The assembly and packaging of our products happens in social workshops. This way, we give disabled people a chance to grow personally while contributing to sustainability and the economy.

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...And planet

Airtender products aren't only made with advanced CO₂-friendly processes. Recycled and sustainable materials for both products and packaging also ensure the lowest possible impact on the planet.