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Vacuum Pump
Extract all the air in no-time

Oxygen leads to oxidation: the process that causes food and drink to discolour, change flavour and reduce the nutritional value of the food. The Vacuum Pump in combination with the Nanostopper extracts the air with just a few pumps and clicks when vacuum is reached.

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Know when optimum level of vacuum is reached!

The Wine Pump has a patented click that works as a vacuum indicator and indicates that your wine or food is safe and stays fresh longer or that the process of marinating, fermenting, pickling or infusing has begun! 

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Vacuum Pump + Nanostopper + Lid Punch

Why choose the Vacuum Pump

The Airtender Vacuum Pump is compact, but amazingly effective. It's full of technical innovations, including a sound signal that tells you when the optimal level of vacuum is reached.


Store wine 5x longer

Slow down the aging of wine with vacuum and enjoy opened bottles for up to 5 times longer!


Vacuum indicator

Extract the air with just a few pumps and the patented click tells you when to stop.


Upgrade glass jars

Use the Vacuum Pump in combination with the Nanostopper on glass or clip top jars and create unique storage containers.


Marinate, infuse and preserve

Vacuum saving, marinating, infusion and canning in glass jars. Saving food, flavour and packaghing for a post-plastic generation.

Here's how it works!




Pour out a glass of wine and inset the Wine Aerator.

Place the Vacuum Pump on top and extract the air until your hear the click.

Release vacuum by lifting up and clean afterwards to reuse it again.

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 How we

      Care for
  people & planet

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FROM holland

Minimum Waste isn't only about the prevention of food waste, but relates to everything we do. That's why we make, assemble and package our products as sustainably as possible, close to home in The Netherlands.

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With care for people...

The assembly and packaging of our products happens in social workshops. This way, we give disabled people a chance to grow personally while contributing to sustainability and the economy.

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...And planet

Airtender products aren't only made with advanced CO₂-friendly processes. Recycled and sustainable materials for both products and packaging also ensure the lowest possible impact on the planet.