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Airtender Electric
The all-in-one kitchen appliance

The Airtender Electric is the musthave for every professional or food and drinks loving enthusiast. This smart appliance aerates wine, mixes cocktails, infuses, marinates and preserve foods and so much more! The power of air at the touch of a button. Powerful, fast, convenient.

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Powerful, fast and convenient

The Airtender Electric is the go-to gear for food service professionals, amateur chefs, home bartenders and wine enthusiasts. Never let any flavour go to waste and never comprimise on taste. 

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Why choose the Airtender Electric

For those looking for versatility, speed and comfort, there is the Airtender Electric. Aerate wine, mix cocktails, infuse, marinate, preserve and much more - just with the touch of a button.


Aerate wine

Aerate wine to perfection in seconds, either by the glass or by the bottle. Unlock the taste of wine - every time.


Mix cocktails

Mix professional cocktails at blistering speed. Up to 120 cocktails per hour, without even touching a shaker.


Preserve foods

The perfect food saving tools to keep ingredients fresh longer. Sustainability has never kept its taste so good!


Infuse and marinate

Infuse taste and bring ingredients to live by removing all the air. Infusing and marinating are two unique processes that bring a whole new dimension to your food. 

Here's how it works!




Choose your tool to store or prepare your foods or aerate your wine and cocktails.

Assemble the tool to the Airtender Electric and add or extract air depending on what's needed. 

Keep the Airtender Electric on your kitchen top to make sure it is used the way it's intended.

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 How we

      Care for
  people & planet

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FROM holland

Minimum Waste isn't only about the prevention of food waste, but relates to everything we do. That's why we make, assemble and package our products as sustainably as possible, close to home in The Netherlands.

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With care for people...

The assembly and packaging of our products happens in social workshops. This way, we give disabled people a chance to grow personally while contributing to sustainability and the economy.

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...And planet

Airtender products aren't only made with advanced CO₂-friendly processes. Recycled and sustainable materials for both products and packaging also ensure the lowest possible impact on the planet.