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Lid Punch
From jar to vacuum container

Save the jars by turning your old jar into vacuum containers. Simply punch out a hole in the lid of your jar with the Lid Punch, insert the Nanostopper and extract all the air by using the Vacuum Pump. 

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Never waste a good jar

Jars are the ideal storage solutions: food safe, durable, reusable, always the right size and... they are free. Convert them to vacuum storage jars instead of throwing them away.

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Vacuum Pump + Nanostopper + Lid Punch

Why choose the Lid Punch

Keep food fresh longer with the Lid Punch or prepare ingredients. Punch and turn to cut a hole in metal lids and convert glass jars into vacuum containers.


Upgrade existing jars

Upgrade your regular leftover jars into true vacuum containers thanks to the Lid Punch.


Infuse drinks and ingredients

With the Nanostopper in the lid you can create vacuum to have fluids injected into the ingredients instantly.


Marinate ingredients

Marinate meat, fish and vegetables instantly with the power of vacuum. Save hours of preparation.



The sharp knives of the Lid Punch stay sharp allowing you to punch out lids over and over again.

Here's how it works!




Put the lid on the jar and punch a hole in the metal lid by pushing it.

Unscrew the lid and put the bottom part of the lid punch on the top part and screw clockwise.

After the click sound, unscrew again and take off the punched out metal part. Use a paper towel for this.

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 How we

      Care for
  people & planet

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FROM holland

Minimum Waste isn't only about the prevention of food waste, but relates to everything we do. That's why we make, assemble and package our products as sustainably as possible, close to home in The Netherlands.

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With care for people...

The assembly and packaging of our products happens in social workshops. This way, we give disabled people a chance to grow personally while contributing to sustainability and the economy.

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...And planet

Airtender products aren't only made with advanced CO₂-friendly processes. Recycled and sustainable materials for both products and packaging also ensure the lowest possible impact on the planet.