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Airtender Made In Holland

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Attention to people and the environment. That is very important to us at Airtender. That is why we make, assemble and package our products as sustainably as possible. We design and develop our products in the Netherlands.

We also keep the high-tech production of parts as close to home as possible and of course we do this in a climate-friendly way.

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   With care

for people...

The assembly and packaging of products takes place in social workshops. In this way, we give people distanced from the labor market the opportunity to grow personally while contributing to the economy and sustainability.

In addition, we are closely involved in education, from secondary school to university courses. In doing so, we give pupils and students the opportunity to develop and contribute to a sustainable, waste-free society. All within the Airtender ACADEMY.

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Airtender products are not only made with advanced CO₂-friendly manufacturing processes. We also use recycled and sustainable materials for both products and packaging.
This is how we ensure the lowest possible impact on the planet.

Everyone who uses Airtender products also prevents food waste and plastic waste. Together, we can make sustainability accessible to everyone! 

Airtender develops unique products that make maximum taste & minimum waste
affordable and accessible for everyone. 

Samen food

            United against

food waste

The Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling (Together Against Food Waste) Foundation is the premier movement of companies and public organisations that have joined forces for a common goal: to reduce food waste by half by 2030.

With the Airtender products, we make an important contribution to this goal. For this reason, we have joined other sustainable "captains of industry" in reducing food waste in the Netherlands by 1 billion kilograms annually.


Plastic soup


The goal of the Plastic Soup Foundation is to achieve an absolute reduction in the production and use of plastic to greatly reduce environmental and health hazards.

Airtender is pleased to support the Plastic Soup Foundation in this goal. With our vacuum packaging products, we encourage consumers to reuse glass bottles and jars, making plastic storage containers and plastic single-use packaging unnecessary. In addition, we use as little plastic as possible in our production and packaging. Where unavoidable, we use (recyclable) plastic from waste streams, or provide products that can practically last a lifetime.




The Sharing Success Foundation has been pairing both businesses and individuals with charities and projects since 2005. 

The working method of Sharing Success ensures that 100% of the shared success benefits the selected project and therefore 100% in the right place. The costs of maintaining the organization and facilitating projects and partners are borne by third parties who, in turn, also share their success.

Airtender is not only involved as part of the board, but also actively contributes to the realization of benefit events and projects.

Would you also like to share your success? Let us know!

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